Naughty Blogger

I have been such a bad blogger this month! It seems like every time I feel like I have a minute to write, I decide that I would really like to just enjoy some peace and quiet to myself before the chaos ensues once again. It has happened on more than one occasion, where I am sitting in our living room and the boys are happily playing together on the floor. I could pull out my laptop, or even my cell phone app and jot down our adventures from that day, but I would rather sit in my chair and relax in the quiet. Obviously we know which option has been winning because it has been 23 days since my last post. It never fails, children always need you right now when you are busy. On the phone with an important call? “Mom! I want some juice [because without it, I will surely die within minutes.]” Trying to sit down and do bills? “Mom! Ivan is eating something he shouldn’t. [Its ok mom, I’ll take it from him and push him over so you can get done.]” Trying to do the dishes? Ivan: “dadadadada!! waaaaahhhh!! *proceeds to pull on my pant leg so that I will pick him up. This is a never-ending cycle at my house. So you can maybe understand why I would like to just sit sometimes when given the rare opportunity.

I promise to do better, especially now that it is summer time and we will be able to do more fun outdoor activities and have more exciting things to blog about than, well, you know, mundane life happenstances.

Until next time.

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