Ivan’s 9 Month Update!

Mr. Ivan James is growing up so fast! His first year is flying by so much faster than I remember Sylas’. Ivan went to the doctor today and weighed in at 16lb and 26.25 inches long. He is in size 6-9 month clothes still so I think he is starting to slow down on his growth, probably because his brain is developing so much and he is learning all these new things! He is getting braver with walking and has taken a few steps in between two people sitting on the floor. He is babbling a lot now and has a vocabulary of mama dada papa baba and gurgle noises. EVERYTHING goes into this kids mouth. He can find the tiniest speck on the floor and he WILL find a way to pick it up and eat it. He finds brothers crumbs all the time and has snacks throughout the day. I was showering a few days ago and came out of the bathroom to find him snacking on an Oreo that Sylas had dropped while rummaging in the pantry. Ivan knew he had been caught red handed because when I asked him what he was doing, he looked at me and tried to shove what was left of the cookie in his mouth so that I wouldn’t see it. So ornery already! He loves food. If he spots anyone eating anything, he will find his way to them and crawl all over them. He is also very impatient when its time to eat. He has to have the next bite in as soon as he swallows the first one. My Aunt was visiting a couple weeks ago from out of state. A house full of people meant no open seats so she stat on the floor and she had a slice of cherry pie. Ivan crawled right over to her and she gave him a taste. He couldn’t get close enough to her after that because he thought that was some good stuff! He followed her around the whole time they were visiting! He loves bath time like always. Taking baths with his big brother is his favorite. He loves to feel the water running from the tap too, it totally mesmerizes him. He is a busy bee and crawls all over the house. I tested the stairs with him the other day and he took right to it. I have never taken the baby gate down from Sylas so I don’t have to worry about that. He loves wandering into the bathroom to either stare into the bath tub and push the soaps into the tub or play in the toilet. ugh. WHY do babies have to love the toilet?? Sylas wasn’t that way, he never really got into too much trouble and I didn’t have a problem with him eating things he shouldn’t.

He is growing every day! I can’t wait what this next month will bring!!

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