Ivan’s 8 month update!

Baby boy, you are a treasure to me and I love you more than life itself.

8 months old today! He went to the doctor the other day for a cold and pink eye and he weighed a little over 16lb. He is crawling everywhere and can go from sitting to crawling and back again. He pulls up on everything, and unfortunately falls down a lot too. He started pushing a baby walker this past Wednesday and he loves doing that. He loves to eat but his food has to be warm still. He is still nursing and I don’t think we will be stopping soon because he is very attached to me and that comforts him. He hasn’t started to babble yet but he oohs, goos and aahs a lot. He has a temper and doesn’t like it when things get taken away from him, whether its brother being selfish or mommy being protective (’cause, ya know, I don’t want him to swallow lethal substances or anything like that). I can already tell he is going to be my mischievous one. Sylas will flat out tell on himself, but I can see it now that Ivan will be more than willing to point fingers at anyone else before admitting fault. He started to mimic today too, which caught me so off guard but was absolutely cool and felt very rewarding, which I needed because I haven’t felt very rewarded with this little boy a whole lot (he’s just a little bit of a difficult child). I was bobbing my head along to the theme song to Curious George with Sylas and I asked Ivan if he could shake his head too, and he did! It was just so random and he has never acted like he could understand me before now. He is still in love with taking baths. Ivan breaks out to Sylas’ bubble bath so sometimes they cant bathe together, and sometimes when Sylas is having one by himself Ivan will crawl into the bathroom and stand beside the tub and put his fingertips in the bubbles because he wants in so bad. Poor guy. He has started pinching and it hurts like no other; man he has a grip! Especially when hes upset. He has also started biting…frequently. And my attempts at showing him that its not acceptable are feeble because he keeps doing it anyway. He mostly does it when he’s eating but he did bite me on the shoulder twice yesterday while we were all on the floor playing with cars. Naptime is so hard for us. He doesn’t like to sleep and he doesn’t ever sleep hard enough that Sylas playing won’t wake him up, and that’s a problem in and of itself. He will go down no more than 30 minutes at a time but he doesn’t do that often enough that he gets the sleep he needs. Like maybe three times a day, and sometimes its only 5-15 minutes. I don’t know how to solve that problem. We have tried crying it out but neither of us can take it. He hates the car and getting in his car seat. He will sleep if hes not crying when we get in the car but as soon as he feels the car stop, bam, hes awake. If he is upset when we get in the car, he will bawl the whole way to our destination.

He is curious and wants to get into everything at this age. And everything goes in his mouth. for example, he ate three dandelions today. Well, I shouldn’t say ate because he didn’t actually ingest them, but they were very soggy and barely recognizable when I got them out of his mouth. And of course he was gagging and sputtering because they tasted awful. He is a handful that is for sure, and he isn’t even walking yet. I am not ready to see where that adventure takes us, haha.

I will add a photo later because he was napping when I started this post, but of course, he is awake now and its bath time.

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