This Thing Called Life

Ivan is definitely going to be my difficult child to raise. He just mastered the art of crawling and less than a week later he started pulling up on things. He is into EVERYTHING and I forgot how busy they are at this age. I am baby-proofing my house all over again. Poor Sylas has to keep some of his small toys put away while Ivan is around so that he doesn’t choke on them because, you know, everything goes in his mouth. Everything. I found him chewing on a Lord knows how old Popsicle stick the other day. He has eaten a piece of stuffing from the arm of the recliner (it periodically sheds and it falls in clumps under the edge of the chair) and he got choked on it. He loves to wander into the bathroom and dig in the trash and stand up at the toilet (gross!!). We had to move the cat food because he dumped it (and I don’t really know if he ate any or not). He pulls himself up against things and gets stuck ALL THE TIME and he falls over and bonks his head a lot too. Lets just say that we have had some scary parenting moments with this one.

Sylas is really growing up and turning into a little boy. He has a few books memorized (sort of, in his own version anyway) and he “reads” them to me. He loves to sing along to music in the car or on TV. He is independent but he likes for me to do things for him, I think because I have to help Ivan a lot so he misses that attention from me. He enjoys sleepovers at papa and grandma’s house. He would do it weekly if I’d let him but sometimes I think papa would like some quiet alone time hehe. He is my little helper that’s for sure. He has do do everything with me. He is a joy most of the time. He can have some pretty good tantrums but they are usually over candy or toys, pushing his brother or terrorizing the cat. If he could avoid those things, he would be golden. Whenever he stays with my parents, my mom always tells me what an angel he is when he is there (they spoil him with candy and toys so they don’t have to worry about that tantrum trigger).

I sent my mothers ring away to be fixed because I lost a stone in it. It is coming in the mail today so I’m ready to get it back. My hand feels so bare without it; not unlike my heart without my children in it. Easter Sunday is right around the corner and I want to do something crafty for the blog, but I’m undecided. Any ideas? Post them below! Until next time!

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