Ivan’s 7 Month Update!

Oh my gosh, I’m so behind getting this post up!

Ivan is seven months old now! He didn’t have an appointment this month so I weighed him on the bathroom scale and he came in around 16.2lb. He finally started to crawl March 2nd, a day before he turned 7 months. He is about 2 weeks behind Sylas on that. He is so busy, getting stuck under things and in corners and EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. I need to deep clean my house so badly now that he is on the move. I found him chewing on a Popsicle stick the other day (yuck!) and I have no idea where it came from other than Sylas must have left it on the floor somewhere. He is starting to outgrow his 3-6 month clothes so we will probably be looking in the 6-9 month bin soon. He eats food pretty well now. He still gives a yucky face sometimes but he will wolf down half a jar of fruit and half of veggies in a sitting and still have room for a cookie. I started giving him juice from a sippy cup last week and he loves it. He gets angry when I put it away and you can see his stork bite when his face gets red with frustration. He likes to be held in a standing position still and it gets very tiring holding his wiggly body up. He is so chunky its adorable. He doesn’t “talk” much which is something that makes me concerned (not too much yet but, ya know, all moms worry about their babies). He mostly just says uhh or ahh when he is crawling and trying really hard to get there. He squeals a lot and I’m sure that that and his tantrums were learned from his big brother. Sylas never did that until he was much older. He blows bubbles too which is cute (isn’t it funny how everything babies do is cute? “Aww, he giggled” “aww, he burped” aww, he passed gas and made a face”). He loves to watch Sylas play and even more when Sylas plays with him. I can’t wait to see how they play together. He also has an obsession with the remote and my cell phone. If the channel randomly changes on the TV, its probably his doing. Ivan is also in this pinching phase which is awful. He has such a grip and he gets a fistful of flesh when he does it and it hurts so bad. He is sleeping good at night but regular nap times are nowhere in sight yet. I’m still hopeful but I just wish he would have a nap routine by now. It makes it hard to go places because I can’t plan around him since he doesn’t have a set time when he sleeps.

Soon he will be a year old and I can’t believe how much faster this is going the second time around.

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