The Things We Take for Granted

A couple weeks ago a toddler passed away who lived not far from where we do. I didn’t know them personally and I’ve never even met them. He had a very strange disease and was the first infant to be discovered with the rare form of leukemia. He was diagnosed when he was just seven months old. Seven. Months. Old. I can’t even imagine. He fought nearly two years for his life; his poor mamma spent that whole time in the hospital with him while daddy was with the older two kids. He only got to leave the hospital once that entire time, and it was only to the Ronald McDonald house across the street. He was readmitted mere hours later with yet another problem. It makes my heart ache just thinking about that beautiful innocent soul. It also makes me feel very ungrateful sometimes. I take my family’s health for granted… a lot. We get a case of the sniffles and I feel like my whole week is ruined. But my day, its never been as bad as that family’s day. Or year for that matter. I am so incredibly blessed to have healthy children. Not having to worry if they will overcome an illness or if they will still be alive for their next birthday is something that I can’t even begin to thank God enough for. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to go through something like that and make it out okay, let alone going through it only to have to say goodbye. I work in a hospital and I see death all the time. Its an unfortunate part of my job. I have seen children and infants and even the unborn pass away. And it never starts to feel normal. I always feel sick just knowing that such young life has been lost. All of that potential gone. I honestly don’t even know how any of us come out alive. With all of the things that could go wrong with a person, its amazing how many of us are here. I just know that God is awesome and He sure knows what He’s doing. I think we all need to thank Him more often for that.

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