Doctor! Doctor! part 3

So I know I left you hanging when I wrote the last post in this series. So starting off where we left off; I got my results back from my thyroid antibody panels and it was all clear. I had an appointment with the nurse practitioner and she gave me some levothyroxine. I didn’t know that is what it was until I got home from the pharmacy and looked at the label. Being a med. tech. I know that that particular medication is for hypOthyroidism (I have hypERthyroidism). So I made a consult appointment. I thought that I may have had a UTI so I went to discuss that and the medication. No UTI, but the nurse (not the practitioner, just the regular RN) told me that the same drug is for both. I have never heard that before because levothyroxine is basically fake hormone but I already have that hormone and lots of extra based on my lab results. She also said that I need to be retested in six weeks to check how its going. I never took it because I was afraid to. I read every article on google about treating hyperthyroidism with synthroid and they all said NEVER take it if you have hyperthyroidism. To the point it can cause heart palpitations if taken incorrectly. So I just waited to see what my next results looked like. Of course they were worse than the first round so I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor and I specifically asked to see him. He told me the exact same thing that his nurse told me about how they are both treated the same. So I left the office feeling really confused. He did say that I could get a referral if I wanted one if after being on the synthroid for a while things still didn’t get better. But I’m still leery of taking it. I am planning on making an appointment with an endocrinologist but I have some other things on my plate right now that I need to have dates for before I can promise that I will be available to make an appointment. The clinic I plan to see is about two hours from where we live so I will have to take a day to go there. Hopefully by April I can get it figured out. I think I will plan on seeing a reproductive endocrinologist because this seems to be postpartum related and I have always contemplated seeing an endocrinologist for my miscarriage issues anyway. I think it will be informative and maybe I will get answers to other things as well. I love my OB doctor and I think he is smart and I trust him but I think that he sometimes tries to practice outside of his scope of knowledge. He isn’t a specialist so I feel like its a little bit my fault for relying on him for these kinds of things. Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted on new information!

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