Spitting Image of My Father

Everyone always tells me that Sylas looks just like my dad. They look so much alike its crazy. My dad’s sister once told me that “Its like I’m watching my little brother grow up again.” when I post pictures of him on Facebook. They have an uncanny resemblance. The only difference is eye and hair color. But their likeness doesn’t stop there. They share personality traits and interests that make me think that I might be raising my father’s doppelganger. Sylas is all boy; he loves anything with wheels and he loves to take things apart to see how they work, just like my dad. Dad is a grease monkey, always working on cars and fixing things. I honestly don’t think this is a learned behavior on Sylas’ part. I think that he was born with this desire to dismantle everything in sight so that he could see how it works.

I have seen pictures of my dad in his youth before but I guess I had forgotten what he looked like. So I asked if we could pull out some old albums and I came across this picture of him when he was in kindergarten. He and his twin brother and older sister were at the park after getting out of school that day when they took this picture. I can definitely see it now. Right down to the way they smile. Isn’t it crazy how it works? I was always told that I resembled my father but I’ve got nothing on this!

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