Doctor! Doctor! part two

Sorry I didn’t update you all after my appointment with my GYN. Christmas has been busy and I haven’t had too much spare time. I asked about my thyroid and my doctor ran some blood tests on me to check into it. He didn’t think that a referral would be necessary because sometimes women can develop thyroid issues postpartum and they can last up to 18 months before everything gets back to normal. It makes sense that if it is the cause of our losses that it was postpartum related because I was not 18 months PP when we stated trying. So my TSH was basically zero, my FT4 and TT4 were normal and my T3 was high. That basically means I’m hyperthyroid or that my thyroid is overworking. So my doctor ordered a thyroid antibody panel to rule out a more permanent problem like Grave’s disease. If that comes back negative, I will probably be put on a suppressive medication and have thyroid re tests until it appears to be normal again. If it is positive, I suppose I will have more testing done and probably see a specialist. I had my blood drawn for the panel on Wednesday (Dec 23) and because of the Christmas weekend, I probably won’t hear from them until the middle of the week. As always, I’ll let you know!

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