Christmas Cheer

This year was my turn to work Christmas. That’s what you sign up for when you go into health care. I was kind of sad about it because I would be missing Ivan’s first Christmas and Sylas is at a point where he really understands how Santa works. I was incredibly lucky to have a co-worker who stepped in and worked it for me. He is from Nepal and doesn’t celebrate it. He was so generous and I am extremely grateful that he did that for me. So I got to enjoy my family for Christmas this year. Sylas was so excited to get his gifts. There is truly nothing better on Christmas than watching your child’s eyes light up in amazement. Its just so magical. He didn’t want to wake up in the morning. I asked him if he wanted to see what was under the tree, but he just rolled over. I tickled him and wiped his wispy hair from his eyes and he still didn’t want to get up. So I finally asked him if he just wanted to open his presents; to which he promptly sat up in bed and said “Let’s go, Mommy!” Silly boy. But when he saw what Santa had brought him, he was just shocked that something had appeared overnight. Ivan was pretty indifferent about it all. It will be exciting to see them both next year. I am so incredibly blessed.

So today, I am stuck at work. I agreed to work the weekend in exchange for having Christmas day off (which is totally worth the trade). This afternoon, my dad’s family is having their Christmas celebration. I will be a little late because of work but my parents are taking the boys with them to the party and I will meet them there. Its very slow at work because of the Holiday and none of the doctor’s offices have been open since Wednesday at noon. All of the college students are away too so there aren’t too many people around. But its nice to have a slow day once in a while. I can catch up on some things and squeeze in a blog post or two.

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