Sylas 3 Year Update!

The little boy who made me a mommy is THREE YEARS OLD!!!! I can’t believe it has gone so fast! This post, and other posts like it, are mostly for my own benefit, so that I can look back on them and read about what Sylas was like when he was little.

Sylas is going to the doctor Wednesday so I will insert his growth stats here:  He measured (34inches or 2ft 10in) and weighs in at (24lbs).

Sylas’ favorite thing on TV is Curious George. We watch it all the time. His favorite movie is The Lorax and he is in to the minions movie too. He still loves anything with wheels and motors and loves to pretend to work on things with his tool box. He loves to have tickle fights (polar opposite of Ivan who cries when you tickle him). The first thing he does when Daddy gets home is instigates a tickle match on the floor. He likes to take pictures with my camera and be in every picture that I take. He is very bossy with the cat. He carries Simon around and shuts him in closets and bathrooms because he thinks its funny. Poor Simon puts up with it pretty well but Sylas has gotten scratched a few times. He is gaining independence and  likes to help me choose his clothes for the day once in a while too. He also likes to help me cook in the kitchen and put the laundry in the washer, dump the soap in and push the start button. He’s helpful when we empty the dishwasher too.

Sylas is still a pretty picky eater. He is getting better but there’s a limited selection of things on his menu. He likes cheeseburgers with nothing but cheese and ketchup on them and he likes ham sandwiches with butter or ketchup. Macaroni is a favorite along with spaghetti-o’s and grilled cheese. He also likes tortillas with melted cheese in them sometimes (notice he loves his cheese). He likes apple sauce squeezers and he loves just about any fruit that you put in front of him (he gets that from his mommy). Kiwis, strawberries, apples, bananas, berries, mangoes, cherries, peaches and pears you name it, he likes it. Carrots and peas are about all he will eat for veggies. He doesn’t even like mashed potatoes (crazy boy)!

Sylas has gained a lot of imagination in the last six months. July is when I really started to notice him having imaginative play. He will play with his little people and “walk” them around and make them have conversations. He really likes to play with me when his “character” is in trouble (ie, stuck in a hole) and my character has to go get help and get him unstuck. He started potty training again. We (well, I) gave up over the summer. Being very pregnant, I just didn’t have the energy to follow through with it. We started again October 19 because I really wanted to get a good start before I went back to work and by the 24th, he was potty trained day and night. He has had a few accidents since then, but its mostly when he gets busy playing and forgets to ask to use the potty. He has a thing with public toilets because they don’t have the toddler “donut” so we are working on that. He went through a phase where he was afraid of the bath. He would scream bloody murder when it was time to bathe him. It lasted a few weeks until these past couple of weeks, I have tried other tactics and he is back to enjoying the bath again. I have also noticed that he is afraid of the dark now, too. The last week of November I really started to notice it when he wouldn’t go into a room without the lights on. He is talking so much and can communicate very well. His sentences are full and most people can understand what he is saying save for his toddler “accent” from his lack of certain sounds that are still to come.

Even though he’s only been a part of my life for a short three years, It feels like he’s been here forever. He has changed my life for the better in so many ways. He is a piece to my puzzle that fits so perfectly, and I don’t know how I ever felt whole before he was born.

I hope you always shine your light wherever you go and that you have a great love for Jesus. I hope that you always show kindness and never lose your silly sense of humor. I hope you always love learning and always pursue your dreams. You will always be my little boy and I hope you always know how much I LOVE YOU!

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