Seeking Refuge

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days. Sickness has had me down for the count, but I think I’m somewhat on the mend. I suppose you all have seen plastered all over the news, the debate over Syrian refugees. The number of states who are pushing to reject the Syrians keeps climbing. People are up in arms that our country would even consider harboring them in light of the recent attack on Paris. It’s a shame that these poor people have to live in fear because someone else decided to hurt others but we have to ask that ever popular phrase “what would Jesus do?” Jesus doesn’t reject those in need. He welcomes them with open arms and loves them. He lets me in when I seek refuge in his arms from the evil in this world. I know the thought of having terrorists in our homeland is scary. Believe me, the thought of going to a movie and being bombarded and shot sounds horrific, but the war on terror is nothing compared to the spiritual war that so many people don’t even know about (I’ve read the last chapter and it’s a doozy! Ps, God wins). Let’s spread a little love and a lot of Jesus in the world and extend a helping hand to those who need us.  

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