Ivan’s 3 month update!

Ivan is officially 3 months old! I can’t believe how big he has gotten! I weighed him on the bathroom scale and he is coming in around 11lb 3oz. His pictures look like he is so much bigger than he really is. He just got into the 0-3 month clothes and size 2 honest diapers (size 1 pampers). He really is a skinny baby like Sylas was. His cheeks are his chubbiest part. Everyone who sees his pictures that I post on social media tell me he is so small when they finally see him in person. He started to smile more on October 5th (I remember because he had a doctor appointment that day and he smiled and her and the intern and pretty much the whole afternoon). He started to gurgle and coo a lot around 11 weeks old. Now when I lay him on my bent legs to talk to him, he will talk back to me. He prefers to talk to me over anyone else (one of those superwoman feels). He will look at me and wait for me to say something to him, but if I wait long enough, he will let out a quiet little goo. We will goo back and forth for quite a while and he loves it. Its so adorable! He smiles a lot when we talk. Now, if you flash him a big smile, he will give one back, even if he isn’t familiar with you. Ivan is a pretty happy baby for the most part. Witching hour is getting so much better. Usually I try to bathe him between 6-7 in the evening and that has helped a lot to keep him calm. If I can get him in the bath before he starts to fuss, he is pretty good the rest of the night. If we skip a bath, he is usually up in the night a lot. So for sleep’s sake, I at least let him play in the bath every night and use lavender baby lotion afterward. He doesn’t get dirty enough to actually bathe every night with soap but just playing in the water helps. He really likes his mobile in the crib and he will follow you with his gaze. He went on a pooping strike at the beginning of October for 5 days. He wasn’t acting like he was in pain but ever since, his patterns have not been consistent. He will go a couple days without going then explode his diaper twice in a day and then be regular for a few days. I noticed that when I eat extra dairy it helps him go when he hasn’t for a few days. He doesn’t like tummy time for very long so I have started doing tummy time with him. I lay on the floor on my back and bend my knees with my shins in the air (like I’m in a sitting position but I’m laying down). Then I lay him on his tummy on my shins and he can see me and we talk. He likes that much better but we have to make sure his tummy is emptier so he doesn’t spit up all over. Speaking of spit up, he is still having reflux. He chokes and gags when hes eating and when hes not, even if my breasts are not full. I’m not sure how to help him. We have tried different nursing positions and pumping beforehand and nothing works. It seems like when he is nursing, he only starts to choke and gag when he is almost done eating. Its like he is full but still wants to nurse for comfort. I know he will outgrow it someday but I hate that I can’t help him. He still likes to sit up a lot and look around. He doesn’t last too long when he is laying on the floor. When he does lay down, he wiggles enough to move in circles. He can get up on his sides too, trying really hard to learn to roll over. I think he will get it soon. He loves to watch Sylas play while he is on the floor. You can see the admiration he has for his big brother in his eyes. My first week back to work was okay. he is not fond of bottles but its getting better with time. I miss both of them so much when I’m away. He is just growing up so fast! Before I know it, I will be writing his first birthday update! Time, slow down for me!!

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