Fall Favorites

For the wardrobe

I have been sporting a brand of clothing called LuLaRoe. Its a pretty young company and works similar to Avon and Scentsy in that a company makes clothes which are then sold to the public via “fashion consultants” at these pop-up boutiques. I adore their leggings and tops. They also have an array of dresses and skirts to choose from as well as a children’s line. One neat aspect to the clothing line is that they only make 1000 items of a certain print, so if you love it, you better grab it because it could be gone forever. It kind of makes each piece a collectors item. Consultants are pretty easy to find, just search LuLaRoe on Facebook and you will find a plethora of them who will eagerly add you to their online group where you can shop to your hearts content! (Warning: you WILL become addicted so proceed with caution 😉 )


For the family

We love going for walks and fall weather makes for perfect strolling around the neighborhood. But moving from one to two kids also meant that we had outgrown our stroller. So we bought a two-seater. I did a ton of research trying to find the perfect one that was not only compact but was also compatible with our car seat. So we got the Contours Options Elite. I wrote a review here where you can read all about it!


For baby and me

I have been loving our Sollybaby wrap. I use it every day at least once. If you’ve ever heard of the Moby wrap, its very similar to that but its better. It is made with a much lighter weight fabric so you don’t die of heat stroke (if you’ve ever worn a baby with a Moby, you know what I mean). Its also slightly narrower and shorter than a Moby which makes it so compact. It also has a pocket on one of the tails to store your phone, keys or binkie in. It is also used to fold the wrap into itself and store it neatly in the pocket. They sell for $65 and they just came out with their fall color line! Ivan loves to be wrapped. It gives him comfort and lets me have my hands free.


For The toddler

Like most kids do, Sylas has caught a cold. One thing that is hard for us is finding relief for his cough. He is so petite that he can’t take the typical Dymatap or Robitussin. So I tried something that I found at Walmart. Its called Zarbees and its a supplement instead of a drug. There are no drugs in it, just vitamins, herbs and honey and it works. It helps his cough and runny nose go away within half an hour of taking it. And it makes me comfortable giving it to him because it doesn’t have drugs in it that would make him drowsy. It also comes in baby form too so its safe for little ones as young as 2 months old.


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