Semi Homemade: Sausage Alfredo

Today I’m going to share with you all a recipe for a semi homemade Alfredo pasta with smoked sausage (you can use chicken too). It’s so quick to put together and tastes like something you would get at Olive Garden! 


1 Jar Bertolli’s mushroom Alfredo sauce

1 small bag frozen steamed broccoli

1 box penne pasta

4 smoked sausage links (or one large link) 

Olive oil

1 diced tomato

1/2tsp garlic powder


Cook pasta and set aside. Slice sausage links into 1/2″-1″ pieces. Add them to a large pot. Add garlic and about a tablespoon of olive oil and cook the sausage until they are browned. I use our leftovers from the grill most of the time so they are already cooked. While that is going, steam your broccoli in the microwave. Next add the pasta, broccoli and sauce to the pot. Let that cook until the sauce is bubbling. 

That’s it! Now just serve and garnish with fresh tomato dices! They make pre cooked sliced grilled chicken in bags at most grocery stores that would be handy if you wanted chicken Alfredo instead. Super quick and easy! 

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