Ivan’s Two Month Update

I say this every time, but I can’t believe how fast my baby is growing up! He has his appointment on Monday so I’ll insert his height and weight here (10lb 12.8oz 22″) later. He is cooing more and likes to talk when he lays on the floor watching Sylas play. He smiles some but definitely not as much as he did when he had those sleepy newborn smiles. (Maybe I’m just not that funny? Haha) he is ticklish on his belly and chest. He wiggles and tenses when you run your fingers over him, but he won’t smile. You have to kiss him on the cheeks for that. He LOVES bath time. He can be so fussy and as soon as he hits the bath, bam, perfectly content. He likes to look at the faucet and he kicks his legs and swings his little arms like he is trying so hard to get close enough to touch it. He also really enjoys when he and Sylas have a bath together. He stares at him in awe and gets excited, kicking and flailing when he watches Sylas play with his bath toys. He is so wiggly that when he is laying on the floor, he can move in sircles. It’s not very quick, but if I go to the bathroom for a second, I usually come back to find him sideways from how he was. He is waking up about three times a night to eat but we have had a couple nights where he woke up only twice and other nights where he just wants to stay up really late. He has started taking a nice three to three and a half hour nap during the early afternoon which is helpful. He really dislikes the car seat and the process of getting in the car but once we are on the road for a few minutes, he falls asleep. He will wake right up as soon as we stop moving though. Like at a stoplight even. His favorite place to nap is in somebody’s arms, laying over your shoulder like you’re purging him. He will nap in his swing as long as it’s full power. If we get in a pickle in public and he has a meltdown, he immediately calms down to the sound of white noise. I got an app on my phone that plays rain noises and it will help him calm himself. He is also a pacifier boy. We finally found one that he really likes. I have a bunch of nuk and mam ones but he loves the gumdrop brand. They are lint magnets though so I feel like I have to wash them even if they just touch his onsie because the have fuzzies on them. 

Poor little guy gets his shots Monday so Sylas is going to have a sleepover at grandma and papas so that the house is quiet for Ivan to sleep. I still can’t believe my baby is two months old! 

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