Rashes and Reflux

We have had a slightly difficult past couple weeks with this little guy. He started getting fussy in the evenings and it has wore this momma out! I can tell you exactly what time it is based on his fussiness. I took Ivan to the doctor to see what was up and she told me it was colic probably caused by some reflux. She didn’t want to start Zantac until he has had his shots because it makes the stomach less acidic which can cause him to be more susceptible to getting sick. So we have been riding it out and it has been hard. He refuses to let me put him down from 6pm till almost 11pm. He wants to nurse constantly which also means I change his diaper constantly. He has also been giving me trouble with that. He only goes a tiny bit and wants changed only to soil the diaper a tiny bit again in just a couple minutes. I am changing around 20 diapers a day (and it’s costing me a small fortune)! That part is getting better but he still does it. 

He has also developed a rash all over his face. It started on his cheeks and ears. In a couple days it spread around his lips. I realized that I had switched body wash just before I noticed it so I went back to my old stuff. It didn’t get any better so I asked the doc about that at his appointment as well. She said its contact dermatitis and it should go away with time. I’ve been bathing with baby soap and washing all of our clothes in all free and clear (usually I only do the kids laundry with it and Javier and I’s in gain). It’s better but still very much there. The only real change is that it’s not quite so red but still pimply. Poor guy got his momma’s sensitive skin. On the plus side I’m pretty sure he is outgrowing the goopy eyes that he has had! I used to have to wash his eyes several times a day and now I only do it at bathtime. Hopefully he gets over the rash and reflux soon. I want my happy baby back!

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