Three week update!

Seriously, can time just slow down a little bit?! This has gone by way too fast!

Ivan had his appointment on Friday and he weighed 7lb6oz and was 19.5 inches. Growing like a weed, probably because he eats all the time! His cheeks are getting chunkier and his little tummy is too! He still grins a lot and there have been a couple times I think that he smiled at me or someone else because we did something funny. He is awake so much more during the day. He sleeps the afternoon away and wakes up for witching hour to have a nice long cluster feed. When he is awake, he loves to sit up and look around. Sometimes he will be content to lay on a blanket while Sylas and I play but it is usually short lived and he wants to be held. He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he sleeps and he grunts if you move him or make noise, its so funny!

My doctor’s appointment was Monday at 3 weeks on the dot and everything went well. He released me back to my normal activity and took me off of pelvic rest. Baby blues are completely gone and I feel good emotionally. Breastfeeding is going well and my supply is starting to level out. I can still get a good 4-5 ounces every couple days to freeze which is nice to have and its not so much that I feel too full. I know I have said that I didn’t want to take birth control but I got the progesterone only pill prescription filled anyway just in case. I feel like I should take it for at least 6 months just because we aren’t ready for another baby right away. I plan on breastfeeding for 9 months like I did with Sylas but that doesn’t guarantee that I won’t get pregnant. I’m still going to think about it.

Sylas has started to be a little more defiant than normal and his tantrums are on the rise. Their pediatrician told me it could take a few weeks for the older child to act out from jealousy and I think we have come to that point. It isn’t awful by any means, he is just acting out more frequently. So I try to be sure to spend lots of time with him, especially while Ivan is sleeping. It is just going to take time for him.



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