Two week update! 

Ivan has grown so much this week you guys! He has his appointment with his doctor Friday so we can see how much he weighs. He is really starting to fill out now and outgrew the preemie clothes just a couple days shy of 2 weeks old. Newborn clothes are still loose but he definitely can’t wear preemie anymore. He has at least two long spans of wake time during the day, one around 10am and the other in the late afternoon/early evening. He stays awake at least an hour each time if not longer. He also has sporadic wake times througout the day that are short. He is getting better with his eating schedule too. Yesterday was rough. He had some gas and each time he passed gas, he left a little, ahem, smear in his diaper. And he absolutely HATES being dirty. So I had a good hour and a half where I was changing his diaper every few minutes. Ivan loves bathtime and doesn’t cry until you get him out of the water when the air hits him. He hates getting lotion put on him.

I am over the baby blues now and am starting to get a little bit quicker on my feet. We went to the fair Monday and I was pretty tired and ready to go home afterward but we had lots of fun. It was nice to get out of the house. I am down to 112 pounds and am really happy with that. Now just to maintain it. Discharge is nearly gone although it did increase the day we went to the fair. Breastfeeding is much better now that we are getting into the swing of things although we still have a cluster feed once in a while.

Sylas is a big helper still but I have watched him trying to hug Ivan and his hugs are not very gentile. He almost lays on top of Ivan when he gives him hugs in his bouncy seat. And he growls at the cat when he sniffs at him while he is sleeping but Sylas is bound and determined to wake him any other time. I have also caught him trying to pick Ivan up which scares me. Sylas is a big help with diaper changes and grabbing things that are out of my reach. He also likes to help me hold his pacifier in his mouth or hold his bottle if we are out and about.

These two weeks have flown by. I am still in shock that I am not pregnant anymore. Once in a while I catch myself off guard when I look down and there’s no belly anymore. I can’t believe that I have a two week old!!

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