One Week Update

I can’t believe how fast this first week has gone! Its crazy to think that this time last year we were still in the process of TTC.

How’s baby? Ivan is doing really well. When he was born he weighed 6lb5oz and only dropped to 6lb1oz when we left the hospital. He had his first checkup on Friday and was back up to 6lb3oz. He is a hungry little guy and definitely prefers the breast over bottle. I had a CT scan and had to pump and dump for 24 hours so we had to supplement for that time (I’ll get to why in a minute). He has gone through a couple of cluster feeding phases which cause my supply to go way up so I already had 15oz in my freezer! He will take just shy of 2oz right now. The supplement got him a little stopped up so we are working on getting things moving. I normally wouldn’t worry about it because babies can go days without pooping but he acts like it is uncomfortable when he has his poop face on (calm down, all moms talk about poop). He is full of grins and we even got some smiles at his newborn photo-shoot on Friday! We had to make an emergency trip to the store to buy preemie size clothes. You guys, he is so TINY! I know he weighs over 6lb but he is just so little. Sylas fit perfectly in newborn when we brought him home but Ivan can’t. Newborn onsies come halfway down his shins in the crotch area. So he is still in preemie at one week but his tummy is plumping up so they are getting snug but the length is still perfect. I imagine that sometime this next week or two we will have to switch to newborn. His hair was curly when he was first born but after about the third bath, his hair is now straight like Sylas’ was. His cord stump also fell out today. Sylas had his for probably 3 weeks before it came off so I was surprised to find it had detached today. I am relieved it did though because it makes for easier diaper changes and I can give him a real bath in a couple days when it has completely healed.

And how is mommy? I’m doing pretty well for the most part. I am down to 123lb (from 136 pregnant). My stomach is still mushy but it is pretty small compared to when I had Sylas. I got engorged when Ivan started to cluster feed so I was able to pump of the extra and freeze it which came in handy when I had to have my CT scan with contrast (which is why I had to supplement). I have still not been able to put my rings back on which is odd to me (I put them on the same day I had Sylas). I woke up Sunday morning with tightness in my chest so I went to the ER to get checked out. My main concern was a blood clot because I stopped taking my baby aspirin when he was born. My CT showed slight fluid around my lungs and my blood pressure was elevated. They sent me home and I have an appointment with my OB Wednesday to see about getting a fluid pill to help. I still have tightness today. I still have the baby blues and cry all of a sudden sometimes but its getting better. When I learned that I would have to supplement I got upset even though I really have no problem giving formula (Sylas had some from time to time too). I am getting back to myself as far as activity goes but I am a little slow. Swelling in the nethers is gone. It was almost back to normal the day we left from the hospital save some hemorrhoids.  The recovery has been so much easier other than the small bump in the road with fluid retention.

How is Sylas taking it? He loves being a brother. He loves to help me with Ivan a lot. He throws away his diapers without me asking. If he can’t see someone holding Ivan, he immediately asks where he is and goes looking for him. He likes to hold his hands and has already “taught” Ivan how to fist bump. We are still working on being a little bit softer with his touch but he is doing much better that I thought he would. He is very concerned about his belly button. He always points it out to me and when I am changing his diaper, he just stares at it with a very concerned look on his face. He has gotten off on his sleep schedule since we have been home which has been hard. I tried to do my nightly routine that I did for work last night to see if that would signal to him that it is bed time. It kind of worked. He was still up a little late, but slept much sooner than he as all week. He also wants me to sit on the floor next to him while he plays. He says “mommy play me” but I’m not allowed to touch anything. I have done it almost every time he has asked me but it gets uncomfortable very quickly sitting on the floor and breastfeeding isn’t my favorite hunched over on the carpet.

I am getting used to it, and I knew it would be busy. It hadn’t been too bad since I’ve had Javier home all week but today was my first time flying solo. He went back to work at 5 this evening and they boys have been keeping me on my toes!

2 thoughts on “One Week Update

  1. Wow you are awesome! Baby M will be 1 month old on Saturday and I can barely find time to think about my blog let alone write a blog post. Sounds like the first week is going good for you, hope it continues to stay that way!


    • Haha! It’s not all rainbows and butterflies! It took me two days to get this post written and I didn’t even proofread it. I just said to heck with it and finally posted it. I have two more that I want to write but I can’t find the time!


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