Bump day week 37!

We are so close to the end! I had an NST on Monday and baby brother weighed about 5lb 6oz. My doctor’s appointment went really well yesterday. I brought in my birth plan and we talked it over. My doctor said that there wasn’t anything unreasonable in it and that he felt like we would get everything we want from our birth experience. I felt much more confident in that he has been listening to my requests at this appointment. I was kind of down in the dumps after my last one because I felt like he was pushing for an induction. I don’t know if it was just me interpreting it wrong or his words just not coming out right, but it made me feel upset. Yesterday, though, he talked about what I have had in mind and made me feel much more at ease. I asked him about sweeping my membranes on Friday the 7th in a last ditch effort to get baby here before inducing. He was all for that and told me he would meet me at the hospital at 8:30am Friday morning and I could go home and let the waiting begin. He also said that he thinks I am a great candidate for Cytotec induction instead of straight pitocin. If you don’t know what Cytotec is, its an ulcer drug but has also been effective in dilating the cervix when used as a suppository. He told me because I am already 4cm dilated that the Cytotec could give my body that last little umph to dilate to 5 and start laboring naturally. He also told me that after two doses and no contractions, I can go home for the day and wait until the next morning to come in for pitocin if nothing starts by then. So I was happy to hear that he is willing to try something else as well. He did say that He doesn’t want me to go past 39 weeks but he will compromise those last couple days with me and see if any of these last minute efforts will do anything. And at that point, if none of them work, I would be more willing to comply with a pitocin induction. After my doctor’s appointment, I went home and noticed that baby had dropped. My BH are now uncomfortable low in my pelvis and I am having round ligament pains. My lower back aches constantly and I just feel more pressure than I have been. I am hopeful that things are progressing and that baby will come on his own before I have to resort to anything I listed above.

In other news, My cat will NOT leave me alone. He is a Siamese and is generally not very social. He comes to me once in a while for cuddles but they never last long. But the past few days he has been all over me. He weaves in between my feet as I walk and has to sit with me all the time. He follows me to the bathroom and sits at my feet when I’m cooking. I know that this is normal behavior for some cats, but he is never like this. He is the type of cat that hides upstairs or under the kitchen table and takes long naps all day. I only see him a handful of times throughout the day and its usually because he wants food. I know there’s a wives tale that says animals can predict labor so I wonder if this is Simon telling me something. I guess we will find out in the days to come right?

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