Labor Watch Part 1

Yep, you read that title right. Yesterday I went to the bathroom as part of my morning ritual and saw that I had lost a large piece of brown mucus plug. About the size of my thumb from the first knuckle. I had some BH contractions that eventually got to 3 minutes apart and were starting to get painful. I drank a couple bottles of water and took a nice two hour nap with Sylas that afternoon. When I woke up, the contractions were back to my normal. This morning, I had the same scenario with finding more of my mucus plug. It was about the same amount too. So far my BH are still the same as always. So I am really hoping that I can at least make it to Wednesday when I turn 36 weeks. I have a feeling that I am at least 4cm dilated by now as I was 3 last Wednesday. I think that if I am at a 5cm by Monday at my NST or Wednesday at my appointment, they will likely just break my water and start my labor. It makes me nervous because I really think he needs another week at least. I have a strong feeling that I won’t make it to August though. Even if labor did not start on its own, I think that my doctor would break my water when I get dilated enough. Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted until D-day under posts with the same title as this one.

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