Bump day week 34!

My baby boy is the size of a melon at 4 and 3/4 pounds! He is still pretty active for as crowded as we are getting. I seem to have lost my appetite this week and I don’t really want to eat anything. There are days when I have to make myself pick something from the fridge or pantry. I don’t feel sick, I just don’t feel hungry. I have also been feeling really fatigued this week. Vacuuming felt like the equivalent of climbing Mt. Rushmore. Another new symptom this week has been what they call “lightning crotch.”  As you can imagine, it doesn’t feel very good. Night time is getting more and more uncomfortable every day. I usually can’t sleep without covers but lately I have been so hot that I can’t stand it. So I kick the covers off only to toss and turn the rest of the night. I already have the thermostat set to 71 at night which, I think, is pretty low. It has been too hot outside to open windows even at night so that isn’t an option either. At my NST Monday, I was still not dilated and it only took half an hour this time. So grateful for that! I feel like the end is so close yet so far away! I can hardly wait six more weeks for him to get here!

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