Bump day week 33!

Only 48 days(ish) to go! Baby brother is starting to run out of room in there. I had my NST Monday and it went smoothly; still no dilation but regular Braxton Hicks. I saw the nurse practitioner at my appointment Wednesday and she said that baby is passing his tests with flying colors so they aren’t worried so much about that as my risk for preterm labor. I go back in two weeks and I will have my strep culture done and then I will be having visits every week! I think it has finally hit Javier that he is going to be a daddy again very soon. After my NST on Monday I brought home pictures for him to see and he couldn’t stop talking about how he thinks he looks like Sylas. I am really getting excited now, especially since July is here already and I feel like it is just going to fly by. I am planning to get things ready by August 1st. Stuff like packing our bags and installing the car seat. I told Javier that he will have to start carrying his phone with him all the time at work starting then, too. We have a couple people lined up to care for Sylas until my parents can come pick him up that way he isn’t coming to the hospital with us, especially if its the middle of the night. Now we are just waiting for the time to pass!

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