Bump day week 32!

This week has been another pretty average week. My second NST went much more smoothly and I was in and out in just over an hour. I even waited for a room because OB was busy. They didn’t do any extra testing even though my contractions were still consistent. I am really anxious to hear what my doctor has to say at my next appointment. Not sure if I have shared this or not but if I have, so sorry, and you get to hear it again! I LOVE ketchup. Ever heard the expression “I’ll have some fries with my ketchup”? Totally me. I. LOVE. KETCHUP. But lately it has been giving me terrible heartburn every time I eat it. Which is really devastating. Because I could seriously starve to death if I didn’t have ketchup to dip my food in. So I have to take tums after I eat it. I hope that this goes away soon but I have a feeling it is going to last until delivery. I am really craving watermelon at the moment but maybe its because its summer and they are everywhere. Sylas has also been asking for some so we might have to buy one. My fingers are getting swollen in the morning when I get out of bed still. It only lasts a couple hours and it goes away. I am still nesting and going crazy over it. I did get a few more things for the nursery to add finishing touches. I put it all together already and am back to not having anything to do. I lie, actually I could mop the kitchen, but I see no point. Our kitchen floods when we get very heavy rain sometimes. It has flooded twice this week and we have lots more rain in the forecast. We dried up all of the water but I still haven’t mopped because I am afraid it is just going to rain and flood all over again. So until we are in drought status (or maybe just a straight week of no rain) I am not mopping.

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