Bump day week 31!

Today I had a doctors appointment. It was one of those in and out ones. I saw the nurse practitioner instead of my doctor today because he was at the hospital. There wasn’t a whole lot to go over or check up on today so it was pretty fast. I got a note to get my TdAP vaccine done so that I can help protect baby brother when he is born by passing my immunity to him. At my last appointment we discussed scheduling weekly NST’s and biophysical profiles. All week last week I called the doctor’s office because the hospital’s centralized scheduling department had yet to call me and get me in the books. They typically call me the following business day after my appointment but they never did. I just figured that the Dr’s secretary had forgotten to fax the order over or something. So I left them two voice mails last week and still got no answer. So Monday this week I called them again and FINALLY got an answer out of them. They were very apologetic that I never got a call back. They did receive my voice mails and they did re fax the papers but for whatever reason, they never got to the hospital. So they called the hospital for me after faxing the papers and told them to schedule me ASAP. I got a phone call a couple minutes after speaking with the nurse. They only had one opening this week and it was Thursday at 1:45 so I took it. I will have to leave work early but that’s ok. Starting next week I will have them every Monday at 3. So I will punch out from work and go straight over to do the testing. In total I have 10 of them scheduled unless I go into labor before then. I am still nesting really bad. It is kind of driving me up the wall not having anything to do. I have already cleaned the house spotless. I bought new shower curtain liners and new blinds for the kid’s rooms (lame, I know, but I am looking for ANYTHING to do at this point). Sylas is bad about pulling on the blinds and breaking them. I kind of wanted to rent a carpet cleaner sometime soon just to spruce it up before I have a little baby that will be laying on the floor with Sylas’ ground-in crumbs and juice stains.

I know this week isn’t all that exciting. I’ve entered that phase of pregnancy where not much is happening but weight gain!

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