3D Ultrasound

The 3D ultrasound was yesterday! He wasn’t very cooperative but we did get some good pictures of him. His face was very close to my pelvic crest and there wasn’t enough fluid between him and my hip bone to get perfect shots. He has the same chubby cheeks that Sylas had and I think the same nose. His bottom lip kind of sucks in under his top lip which is different from Sylas. He had a very pouty lip. He was very modest when we went to take one last check at the gender. The technician had just gotten his parts in her view on the 2D and when she switched to 3D he decided to cover himself with his little hand. It was pretty funny. We ended up going back a little later and he wasn’t so modest that time. She had to use a fetal stimulator to get his hands away from his face because he wasn’t going to move them. Even after I laid on my side and drank water. It is basically a little buzzer that looks like an ultrasound probe. It just makes noise to startle them. It made him cry though. When she turned it on for just a split second he jumped pretty hard (I could definitely feel it) and then furrowed his brow and made a really pitiful sad face. We got that on video. He is shaping up to be a real cutie (aren’t they all though?) and I can’t wait to meet him!!


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