Sylas 2.5 Year Update

My baby is two and a half! I can’t believe it has gone so fast! This post, and other posts like it, are mostly for my own benefit, so that I can look back on them and read about what Sylas was like when he was little.

Since we don’t have a 2.5 year checkup, I measured Sylas at home. He measured 2’10” and weighs in at 23.6 Lbs, still a little guy!

Sylas still likes Thomas the train but he is really enjoying Curious George and Leapfrog. He has also been really into watching YouTube videos called “surprise eggs.” They are really boring to me but they will get us through the grocery store without a tantrum so I’ll take what I can get. Anything with a motor and/or wheels are his favorite. You can tell he spends lots of time with his Papa because he wants to “fix” everything. He got a little toolbox for Easter and he really enjoys “working” on his toys. He cries when we have to leave papa’s house now because he enjoys it there so much. He used to have a hard time deciding to come with me or stay with papa. Eventually he would pick me but now, he would definitely pick his papa. He is ornery and likes to tease the cat all the time. He thinks its funny when the cat meows while he has a hold of his tail. I have tried everything I can think of to make him stop but he is really persistent on bothering poor Simon. He also gives the dog hugs around the neck. You can see it in her eyes that it freaks her out but she takes it well. Grandma’s doggies, not so much. He is also going through a band-aid phase. He got a small scratch on his finger a little over two weeks ago and still insists that it needs a band-aid. The scratch is completely gone now but he cries when his band-aid falls off. He saw that mommy had a scrape on her leg and informed me that I needed a band-aid too. He even kissed it for me!

He went through a picky phase with his eating habits but it is getting better. He loves bagels, cereal bars and spaghetti-O’s. Chicken nuggets is about as far as he will go with meat. Ketchup distracts him when he eats so I don’t give it to him very often. Its like he only wants to dip his food in the ketchup and lick it off, then he won’t eat his food. Its getting better but he still asks for more ketchup before he even finished one whole nugget. He uses the booster seat at home now and if we eat out, he can sit in the booth with us (he hates high chairs).

Its amazing what he has learned since his last update post. He can now count to twelve all by himself in English, and get from five to ten in Spanish without help. His vocabulary is enormous and he is speaking in small sentences now. Colors are a little bit harder for him but he knows the colors blue and black. Everything else is purple and green, sometimes yellow (even when they’re not). He knows where baby brother is and likes to kiss him goodnight. He also “shushes” him to sleep and tells him “I love you.” Its seriously the sweetest thing ever.

We have been working on potty training also and so far he is doing really good! He is still not to the point of being able to tell me he has to go but when I ask, he is usually pretty good about doing it. Still no #2 though. He can’t stand when he is dirty and I try to use that to emphasize how he needs to tell me before he goes.

He has grown up so much in just the past six months! I can’t believe that my next update will be for a THREE YEAR OLD!!

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