Bump day week 29!

Eek! One more week and I’ll be in the home stretch!! I had my doctor appointment today and it went well. I will be going every two weeks from here on out. We went over my blood sugar readings that I’ve been taking and he was very happy with them. He told me that he still wants me to take them (I will but not daily like I have been) he is still going to keep my diagnosis of GD for insurance purposes. He wants to start doing non stress tests and biophysical profiles until I deliver. He said that they will give him a good picture of how the baby is doing. I’ve never had one before but I am kind of familiar with what they do. I asked him how this diagnosis will effect my labor and delivery options when the time comes. I really stressed the fact that I do NOT want an induction like I had last time. He told me that pending the results of the NSTs he is very willing to compromise with me. He told me that if baby didn’t show a whole lot of progress as far as moving south (if you know what I mean) and I don’t dilate, he could prescribe Cytotec to help move things along without giving pitocin. Technically it’s still an induction medication but not as invasive as pitocin and still allows my body to start laboring on my own. He said that at 39 weeks he wants me to start taking it as a suppository and see how well that goes. He also said that if I want to go to 43 weeks but there’s no sign of progress, he is willing to meet somewhere in the middle. I have also said before that I would probably only want to go a week late anyway so I feel like if baby brother STILL hasn’t made his appearance by then, I would be up for a pitocin induction. He was more than happy to work with me and my wishes for an induction free labor so I am happy with that. It’s still a little frustrating that I have to go for weekly NSTs and bio profiles but I’ll live. On the plus side, I will get lots more ultrasounds! Bottom line is that my biggest concern is baby’s health and I will do anything to keep him safe but if there is no sign of stress, I see no need to push him to get here sooner than he wants to. 

In other news, sleep is becoming difficult. I am now having to sleep with a pillow between my knees AND under my belly for support. I am going to pick up a body pillow Friday so that there aren’t so many pillows in our bed! I never bought a pregnancy pillow with Sylas and I got along great with a regular body pillow. It’s like as soon as week 28 was under way, I started to get really uncomfortable. My belly is heavy and pulls on my back and oh my goodness the heartburn!!! Neither of those symptoms were near this bad with Sylas’ pregnancy. I can’t eat a drop of ketchup without setting fire to my chest. I think that I am going to order a belly support belt this time because after being on my feet all day at work, my back and under my belly really ache. I imagine it’s because my abs are definitely not as toned as they were when I was pregnant with Sylas. My beverage of choice this week has been a powerade slush from sonic. I am really coveting the orange soda in the vending machine that I pass in the hall at work but I haven’t had a pop in so long (years). I don’t know why but I could really go for one. 

This update is longer than they have been recently so I hope that it wasn’t boring or too lengthy to read!!

2 thoughts on “Bump day week 29!

  1. Could I ask what your reluctance is for being induced? I am being induced and its my first baby so I have nothing to compare to really!


    • Everyone is different and it’s just my personal past experience with a pitocin induction. I HATED it. Natural labor is contractions that slowly increase in intensity and frequency. With pitocin they try to mimic that but it doesn’t really work. Even toward the end of a natural labor your contractions will be spaced enough that you can breathe in between. With the final pitocin boost (they up the dose every .5-1 hours) the contractions are literally on top of each other. I couldn’t breathe or relax in between because as soon as one ended another one was mounting. It sucked because they tuned off the pitocin when I needed to push and I started to have my own natural contractions. They were so much easier to get through. And I had a good minute or two to breathe and rest while I waited for the next one to start pushing again. That’s the main reason I don’t want another. My second reason is the epidural. I opted for one last time and it was a HUGE mistake. I will never get one again. I am VERY short statured and have no torso. They have to insert the needle between your vertebrae and in order to do so, you have to slouch over. Because I’m so small, I get to be all baby by the end. I literally could not slouch because he baby was in the way. So they had a very hard time getting the needle between my vertebrae. It ended up failing and they offered to try again. I’m pretty sure the pain of an epidural needle should not be more painful than a contraction but it was for me. I was in tears from it and have had sciatic nerve pain ever since. I had a hard time bending over the crib to get Sylas out for several months afterward. I don’t want to scare you because many many moms have given birth via induction and done just fine. This is just my personal experience and my reasoning behind why I don’t want a repeat of last time. I really should write up a birth story sometime for you to read that has more details.
      Ps sorry that was a really long comment 🙂


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