Can I ask for some prayer?

My family and I have been going through a rough situation this week. I can’t share any details about it for personal reasons but I just need some support. I am tired and weary and at my wits end. I am so stressed and have cried when I get home every day this week. Like crocodile tears and red blotchy face crying. This stress is unnecessary and it is going to start affecting my pregnancy if I don’t get it under control. Monday I literally could not calm myself down from crying. I was so upset and I just couldn’t get myself to stop crying. I have prayed for the situation to get better and I feel like every day it is at another standstill. One step forward, three steps back. I am sick with worry and am scared for myself and my health because of this.

So can I just ask that you say a prayer for me? Just pray that our predicament resolves itself smoothly and in a timely fashion. Pray that if it has to take a while, that I can be stress free during this process. Pray that God takes my situation into His mighty hands and takes control. I would greatly appreciate it.

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