Bump day week 27!

Two pounds and 14.5 inches long! Welcome to the last week of the second trimester! Baby brother has been getting the hiccups lately which is so sweet! I can see and feel his movements very well now. Even others can tell that he is doing a somersault in there when they watch my belly contort into crazy shapes! I have been just about the same as the past several weeks. Still craving fruits and feeling generally well. Its getting harder to roll over in bed (or get out of bed for that matter) but it comes with the territory. I have noticed that strong smells give me heartburn. Don’t ask me how smells and stomach acid relate, but they do. If someone passes me by at the store with strong perfume on, bam, instant heartburn. It doesn’t matter if I have a full or empty stomach or if I’m standing or lying down. It just happens. Car exhaust and cologne are my biggest ones but other stronger smells do it too. I did my three hour glucose test yesterday but I haven’t talked with my doctor about the results yet. I know what they are, but some doctors interperet them differently. So I will probably have to wait until my next appointment to see what he has to say. Other than that, this week has been a plane-Jane week!

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