Why Must We Wait?

Our God is an awesome God. He answers prayer and He works wonders. He can move mountains and He knows the stars and He calls them by name. He can do all things, but sometimes its hard to believe, especially when He makes us wait. Its hard to have faith in Him when He has yet to fulfill your deepest desires. If He can move mountains, why can’t He do this for me? He could have sent Moses to free His people from slavery, but he waited for forty years. He could have healed Lazarus before his death, but he waited until he was already in the grave. He made Abraham wait for the son he was promised for one hundred years. He could have answered these prayers in an instant, but instead, he made them (and you and me) wait. He makes us wait for our unanswered prayers. He makes us wait for the family that we have always dreamt of. God makes us wait for healing when we pray for years on end. That prayer we pray night after night gets old and the longer we must wait, the harder it is to believe that He can even hear us. But maybe we are right where we are supposed to be. Maybe he is keeping you right where you are because He wants to build your faith in him. He wants to build your faith in the rockiest storm of your life, relying on Him to be your lighthouse. To show you how to lean on Him when your heart’s desire remains empty. To see if He is all that you truly need. To see if you will continue to humbly serve Him when it seems like your desires don’t matter. It is in this time in our lives, when it seems like He isn’t there and He isn’t listening, that He is doing the most work in you. Maybe He is keeping you right here, to build you up for the promise he has in store. When He doesn’t answer your nightly prayer, maybe its because you will have a great testimony when He helps you overcome tomorrow. Waiting does not equal hopelessness. Wherever you are in your journey today, know that you are not alone and He is right there with you, working His wonders in you. Don’t give up just because He is making you wait, because the waiting is well worth it.

I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

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