Bump day week 24!

This week baby brother is the size of a melon and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball! I feel like it too! He is very active this week and awake a lot more often throughout the day. He has even woken me up at night. My belly button has officially popped and I no longer have an innie. My appetite is the same but because he is getting so big and taking up all of my room, I am having a hard time finishing meals. You know the saying “eyes are bigger than the stomach”? Well that’s me. I am starving and cant eat but a few bites before I feel full. Then in an hour, I’m hungry again! I got this way with Sylas too so it doesn’t surprise me. No real cravings to speak of. I still enjoy fruits but I’m a fruit person anyway. Ice cream still sounds good also.

Sylas is really starting to understand that baby brother is in my tummy now. He gives him kisses before bed. When he pulls my shirt back down, he shushes the baby because its “night night time baby brother.” Seriously melts my heart! He is also about eye level with my belly so if I bump into him he pats me and says “baby brother in there.” I can’t wait for him to meet his brother! That seriously excites me the most about this whole pregnancy; Sylas finally having a sibling. He has always been fascinated with babies so I’m sure he will be super excited.

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