Bump day week 23!

Only four more weeks until the third trimester! Baby brother weighs in at one pound and he is wiggling like crazy! One thing that I absolutely love is when Sylas is being noisy (he’s usually loud when he plays) and baby brother will get excited too! I can’t wait to see the bond that they create together. Sylas is starting to understand that there’s a baby in there. Every night we exchange goodnight kisses after we read and he has started to pull my shirt up and give baby brother a kiss too. Its so sweet. My appetite is getting a little bigger but not too much. I am still craving fruits but I really really want some ice cream. Like all the time. But I have to hold myself back because I also really really want to pass my glucose test next month. I am still having the occasional Braxton Hicks but they don’t last long. They have started to almost take my breath away a little which is how I remember them with Sylas’ pregnancy. It doesn’t completely leave me winded but when they are mounting it just kind of feels like my diaphragm is having to work harder to get through them. Usually the first sign for me that one is coming is the breathless feeling. I don’t know how else to explain it other than that. I think that by June we will be completely done with baby buys besides continuing to get diapers and wipes. I have a couple more things that I want but I don’t want them taking up room in the house just yet. My parents also wanted to get something from our list as a gift like they did for Sylas. My mom’s birthday is August 5th and their wedding anniversary is the 6th. She is really torn on what week to take her vacation time. She usually takes a week during her birthday but this year we will be changing that. Because babies come in their own timing we aren’t sure when she should take off. She wants to be able to spend some time visiting and helping us out when baby brother gets here but if she picks the wrong week, she will only be able to come on the weekends. I am guessing he will be here the week before his due date but I was induced with Sylas so I don’t really know how long it takes for my babies to be born. I really wanted to avoid an induction this time and am willing to go one week late before opting for that unless the baby needs to come for other reasons. Any input would be appreciated!

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