All aboard the potty train!

Sylas is showing very faint signs of interest in the potty but when I ask if he would like to use the big boy potty he replies with “No, no,” and walks away. I’m trying not to push him too hard for fear of making him dislike it to the point of never wanting to try again. I was hoping to get him day-time trained before baby brother gets here this summer but if he keeps up his attitude toward it I’m not sure how that will happen. He always wants to join me when I go (hashtag momlife) and he loves to flush the toilet but he always matter-of-factly states that he doesn’t want to use the potty chair when I ask. I have told him his diaper is yucky and it would be so much better if he would use the potty. I want to start trying a reward system that we have been working on with other things like picking up toys. He just doesn’t quite get it yet. I tell him to clean up an he can have some m&m’s and then he won’t clean because he is too focused on the candy. But if he does complete the task, I praise him and then offer the reward, which he likes, but he still doesn’t get it that he got the candy because he picked up his toys. I’m hoping that he will mature just enough in these next couple of months to where it will all just finally click. It wouldn’t bother me to have two in diapers at the same time (duh, I planned on having this baby a year sooner than we are) but now that he is old enough I would really just like to get it over with now before I have a newborn sucking up a bunch of my time an energy. All of this mixed in with the fact that I am sure our toddler napping days are numbered, I really just want him to get it done. Any tips would be appreciated!

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