Bump day week 21!

Its week 21! 133 days to go and I can’t wait to hold our little one in my arms! Baby is the length of a carrot this week. Baby brother is moving a lot this week. Yesterday he was riding higher and he elbowed my friend’s hand when she felt him! It was by far the strongest movement he has made. When I feel for the fundus, it is a good inch or more above my belly button. Today he is very low in my pelvis and i am feeling most of his kicks under where my pants hit me. Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I saw the nurse practitioner because my doctor was at a delivery. She palpated and told me where his little body parts were sitting which is so amazing that he is big enough to feel. His heart rate was 153 and she told me that everything is looking good. I did have some sugar in my urine which is worrisome because I have my glucose tolerance test at my next appointment on May 7. I am nervous for it because I am at increased risk of developing gestational diabetes. I failed the fasting portion of my three hour tolerance test and I really just want to pass this test. I have been pretty good about my diet but there is room for improvement so I am working on that in hopes to get my glucose in check. I’m still craving fruits and getting up at night. I have been sleeping with a pillow between my knees which has helped my sciatica. Heartburn is on the rise and I have had a few leg cramps at night. I got them really bad with Sylas and I hate to think that we are already to that point. We went on a mini baby-moon last weekend and bought a couple of outfits for baby brother. He is going to be a summer baby and won’t be able to wear some of Sylas’ clothes because he was born in December and most of his newborn clothes are long sleeved. I am so excited for august to get here and finally meet our miracle!

If you are in the Midwest, be careful out there as we brace for these nasty storms coming in!

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