Its a…….!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and now that all of the family knows, I get to share with you all! We are having a little boy!! I am so excited to see Sylas and his brother grow up together! I am already planning how to put their room together (I’ll save that for another day). Sylas knew we were looking at baby pictures when it came up on the screen and kept repeating “baby baby baby.” After a couple minutes it changed to “puppy puppy puppy.” The technician said “Well I hope not!” and we all giggled. We are so happy and I finally feel like he is really real! I had just gotten used to the fact that I am indeed pregnant but I was still having a tough time not being able to give our baby an identity of his own.

Before anyone starts asking; NO, we do not share our baby names until D-day. It is our little secret until the little one comes into the world. You have to have some sort of surprise right? Just be thankful that we even share the gender, because some people don’t! With Sylas, I opted to give the first letter once I hit the third trimester but I am not doing that this time for a couple reasons: one, The letter that it starts with this time doesn’t have many names that start with it so it will be too easy to guess and two, Last time, people kept badgering me with guesses and I wasn’t going to crack. But they don’t give up and it just spoils it a little for me. So from here on out, he will be referred to as baby brother.

I can’t believe that in just a little over four months, we will be holding our little rainbow baby!

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