Bump day week 18!

Sorry I’m a day late guys! This week hasn’t been too different from last week. I have felt kicks from the outside a couple more times but I have to be pretty quiet and still. I have been having some random Braxton Hicks this week but nothing consistent. They are still not painful but just a little uncomfortable. As of today, I only have 5 months left!! Its crazy how fast its going, yet how slowly at the same time. I say slowly because I feel like the ultrasound date will never get here! I am so excited to find out what we are having! I honestly don’t care either way and that makes me happy (and even more excited) to find out. Only 1 week and 4 days left (can you tell how excited I am? I did say I’m excited, right?). I am still craving fruits and I hollowed out 1/4 of a watermelon all by myself two nights ago. I am also running very warm blooded lately. It is usually freezing at work year round (I wear a jacket to work in August) but lately I get rosy cheeks and feel like I need to strip some layers off! Nobody else is having this problem but me and I’m sure its just hormones. It makes me a little nervous about the heat of the summer and how miserable its going to be!

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