Bump day week 17!

I can’t believe how fast this is going! Just over two weeks until we have the anatomy ultrasound! 161 Days to go!! I had my appointment today and everything looked good. Heart beat was 147 and my fundus measured 16cm. Baby was really active and they had to wait for him/her to calm down and quit kicking at the doppler probe so they could hear the heart. I laid down on the couch today after work and laid my hand on my belly and felt the baby for the first time from the outside! It took a while but it felt so good to know that everything is OK! I had my first Braxton hicks contraction last Saturday. I am 100% sure that’s what it was. It felt exactly like how it felt with Sylas. I had a total of three that day, all really spaced out throughout the day. I think it is maybe because I was so busy at work on Friday that I didn’t get to sit down at all. I had another one on Sunday and Monday and haven’t had one since. I just put my feet up and drank some water (which I already chug gallons of). I am pretty sure Javier is way excited to find out the gender and go on our “babymoon.” We both feel like its another boy and he keeps telling me it is. I feel like it is too, but I am not ruling out the possibility of a girl. So he said that if its a boy, he wins and if its a girl, I win and the winner will get to pick out the baby’s first outfit when we go shopping. He’s so cute. He is really into the pregnancy this time. I think lots of guys don’t really feel like fathers until they have a baby in their arms. I’m sure that’s how he felt with Sylas’ pregnancy. He was excited but not like this time. He never had an opinion on ANYTHING but his name. I asked him if he liked these bedding sets or clothes or anything and he just said, “whatever you want, babe.” It drove me crazy. This time he is participating a lot more and will come to me to try and feel the baby. Last time, I had to tell him when he was kicking. He still enjoyed feeling Sylas, but he didn’t usually just come over to me. It makes me excited just to see him so excited. We will be over the moon the day of the ultrasound. I seriously feel like I’m on cloud nine just thinking about it!

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