Bump day week 16!

You guys!! My baby is the size of an avocado! And my uterus is the size of a small melon! I am definitely showing and can’t hide it anymore. Baby has been moving and everything looks like its right on track! I have my appointment on Wednesday next week and I can’t wait! This week I have been craving tater tots. Why? I don’t know but they sound amazing right now! I seriously went to the grocery store just for a bag of frozen tater tots. I went to Sonic one night just to get them and decided that it would probably be cheaper to just get a bag of them and make them myself. And Jell-o. I am limiting myself on that because of the sugar (I know, sugar free, but it just doesn’t taste the same). I am still craving fruits of any kind but grapefruits have been at the top of the list for a few days (could be because the strawberries at the store just aren’t very pretty lately). I had one day this week that I was really tired and about took a nap with Sylas on the couch but there was just too much to do around the house that needed done. I am up in the 118lb range now after hovering at 115-116 forever. I am starting to get cabin fever and really just want to open the windows and air out the house. I want to clean and I really want to go crazy in the baby aisle but I have to wait. Just over 3 weeks until we find out what we are having!!!!! (<–I can’t insert enough exclamation points here) I am so excited just thinking about it!! We planned a “babymoon” of sorts the following week. We are just going to spend the night in a hotel and spend a couple days shopping for baby and taking time for us for the last time before we become a family of four. Did I just read that right?!! FOUR?! I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed after all that we’ve been through last year. I was to the point that I thought it may never happen for us. And just when I was about to give up and see a specialist to pursue invasive treatments, He gave us this incredible gift. Just like Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” He really does have impeccable timing. I know its hard and so much easier said than done, but He will fulfill his promises to you. Even though you feel like you’ve hit your breaking point, Keep going because your reward is not too far off in the distance. Never lose faith.

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