Bump day week 14!

Today Is pregnancy week 14 you guys! With each week that passes I feel more and more excited! So far this week things have been pretty boring. My symptoms are alleviating and I feel pretty good. I am really craving fruits and have gone through a produce sections worth of it. Not going to complain because it is good for me to eat (it could’ve been chocolate!). I chug water still and have noticed that I am only waking up around the 1-2 am range instead of three times a night. Some nights I wake up around 5 to go to the bathroom. Smells are my nemesis this week. I love salsa and I love eating it, but when its warmed up, the smell makes me gag. I can’t stand it! The odd thing is that I can still eat it. I have been having nosebleeds every morning all of a sudden and it is so annoying; then once I think I’ve got it stopped, I start a sneezing fit which makes it bleed more (#pregnancybliss). Other than that, everything is smooth sailing. I like the boringness though. It just makes me feel at ease. Until next week!

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