Bump day week 13!

Hello second trimester!! I am so relieved that we made it!! I had my last bi-weekly appointment until the end of this pregnancy and it went so well! We got to have one last peek at baby before the anatomy scan. He/she is much bigger this week, and very active. We even caught a little wave!! My doctor said that we are in safer territory now and he expects things to go smoothly. I did have a culture done now that I have stopped taking the progesterone. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any infection because taking suppositories can cause that sometimes. I was able to schedule the anatomy scan after the appointment. The nurse said no sooner than 18 weeks but I decided to wait a little bit longer because I want to get better pictures. I was born with a cleft lip/palate and really want to make sure that baby is big enough to catch that on the ultrasound if it were there. And I just really want to be sure that the gender is correct, and the longer you wait, the more accurate it gets. So with that being said, the ultrasound is in the books for March 30th. I will be 19 weeks and 5 days then. When we did Sylas’ ultrasound it was just over 20 weeks.

Symptomatically speaking, things are getting better. Sickness is pretty much gone save for a few moments that are triggered by smells. I am having cravings for fruits all the time (I bought a watermelon last night even though they are out of season…I think I’ll have some when I get home today). I am still having constipation issues and talked with my doctor about what is safe to take for me to help resolve the issue. I am still thirsty and waking up at night restless. I am getting bloody noses in the morning and I sneeze all day because my mucus membranes are swelling, so that’s always nice. My eczema is kind-of getting back to normal but it still pops up.

I am also 100% sure that I have felt the baby move these past two weeks. Its usually in the evening after I have eaten and am curled up in the chair with Sylas reading books. I don’t feel subtle movement yet and it has to be like the baby is stretching out for me to feel it. But I am absolutely sure that I am feeling that and not my bodily functions. So exciting!

I can’t wait to see what this trimester brings! Until next week!

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