Bump day week 12!

Only one more week left of the first trimester! I couldn’t be more ready to get this week checked off the list and be on the road to baby day! This week I have definitely felt that my symptoms have started to let up. Granted, I have worse days than others. I am starting to get energy back and feel like cleaning the house and fixing dinner again. Like I said though, I have days where I could take a nap as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning. I am hungrier than I have been and I am still chugging water like crazy. I am having a lot of growing pains this week and I feel like I have actually popped more. My sleeplessness is getting better and I only wake once or twice now but it is starting to get uncomfortable to sleep. I can’t lay on my left side very long or my hip gets out of whack and causes my sciatic nerve to be angry. I try staying on my right side but I need to roll over once in a while so I will lay on the left side a few minutes before I roll back over. I also get heartburn at bedtime almost every night when I lay down to sleep. That’s the majority of my symptoms now. My Dr appointment is next Wednesday and I am not sure if we will get another ultrasound or not. Until next trimester!!

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