Snow Day

Saturday evening we started getting the biggest snow storm of this year (to date). It rained all day and by 6pm, it turned to snow. It snowed all day Sunday. By 3 o’clock, the north wind picked up and all of that lovely snow started drifting (meanwhile still coming down full force). We ended up getting a total of 11 inches. Unfortunately I had to work this weekend so that meant no warm snuggles with Sylas. Instead, he had a sleep over with his grandma and papa so that I wouldn’t have to venture out in the blizzard to pick him up. The streets are still covered in snow and its Monday now; and I’m back at work. I have the day off tomorrow though which will be nice. Javier’s work closed for the day yesterday because of the weather (and the fact that it was Superbowl Sunday and nobody would be venturing out to miss the game). It has been a long weekend and I am ready for a break! Work today is pretty slow, not many patients are coming to the hospital. I don’t blame the elderly for canceling their appointments. I don’t blame anyone, really. I would too!

The storm is headed to the northeast part of the US so if any of my readers are from there, watch out and be safe!

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