Bump day week 11!

Its bump day week 11! This week has followed suit of the past weeks and my symptoms are pretty much at a standstill, not worse, not better. I had my Dr appointment and all went well. He was very happy with baby’s growth and heartbeat. He told me that we are getting into some secure territory now as the first trimester is ending soon. I get to stop progesterone at the end of next week which is pretty exciting. I am having trouble gaining back the weight I lost when I was sick with the stomach bug. He wasn’t too concerned yet but he did keep asking if I had a good appetite, which I do. I mean, I have aversions to some things but I can find something to eat when I get hungry. I’m hovering in the 115-116 range and my start weight for this pregnancy was 118.5. I was 113 at my 6 week postpartum check up with Sylas and I am happy with my weight right now. I felt like 116+ was heavy for my body. I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me because I am so tiny but that’s just it, I’m tiny. I barely hit the 5 foot mark so I shouldn’t weigh more than that. I am not worried about it right now but this next trimester I will keep an eye on it more. Javier is very excited and has started telling his co workers. I am starting to be able to not worry quite so much and relax and enjoy rainbow now. I even went out and bought a couple maternity tops! I think that’s all for this week. See you at week 12!

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