Bump day week 9!

Sorry that this post is late once again. I wound up catching Sylas’ tummy bug and was sick Monday afternoon, Tuesday, and recuperated Wednesday. So now that I am feeling myself again, I will let you know how this week has been going. So far its pretty much the same as it has been in the past, my nausea is a little stronger now and smells are bugging me more than they have been. My breasts have been tender and are definitely changing. I am getting a little pudge which makes me excited. I am still having acid reflux and I have started taking a tums after I take my bedtime pills because I get bad reflux when I go to bed. I broke down and took a zofran to help with the stomach bug nausea and now I’m constipated again, yay me. I am having a terrible time sleeping at night. I am suddenly sleeping very lightly and am still waking often at night and have to get up at least once to pee. My hips hurt if I sleep on one side for too long so I spend a lot of time shifting positions. I have been sleeping with a pillow between my knees and that seems to have helped a little. I am constantly thirsty so I pee a lot. I’m still breathless but it is getting a little better.

I went to my doctor appointment on Wednesday morning (which wore me out) and had nothing but good news! Little Rainbow is doing perfect and was wiggling around so cute! They told me to come back in two more weeks (Jan. 28) to check again and after that I can start going every 4 like normal. I will be 11 weeks at that appointment so just shy of the second trimester. I can’t wait to get there! I found the heartbeat with my home doppler on Wednesday also! I tried last week and it was still not big enough. It is still too faint for the doppler to get a reading but I did a manual count and got about 168bpm! It is such a huge relief!

I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet because I know lots of people will think I’m crazy but I SWEAR I have felt flutters. I know that its so early but I felt Sylas for the first time when I was 16 weeks. I am a petite person also. It usually happens in the evening when I am curled up in the recliner and I feel them just above my pubic bone. I have gas and I am almost positive its not that. I am not going to say that its 100% baby flutters but we shall see!

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