Tummy bug

I was planning on having a nice, uneventful weekend at home just to catch up on some things. Saturday was a pretty good day; I did the laundry, made lunch, cleaned up the house and paid some bills. Saturday evening, however, was a different story. I fixed Sylas dinner and afterwards, I put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him on the bedroom TV while I sat in the living room watching my shows. I made him a sippy cup to drink while he watched TV. His attention span isn’t very big and soon enough, he came into the living room. I assumed he would go grab some toys to bring over to me and play but instead, I got a lovely surprise at my feet. Yup, he puked… right in front of the recliner. I thought that maybe he just ate too much for dinner and then chugged his juice. So I cleaned it up and upon returning from upstairs to grab him some fresh jammies, he starts to wretch again. In the process of cleaning up after that, he was walking around the kitchen and puking simultaneously. So I got to mop the floor. And of course as soon as we get his new clothes on, he gets them dirty also. I decided to just leave him in a diaper and see if he would do it again. We sat in the recliner with an old ice cream bucket until I decided to get to bed. I guess laying down wasn’t a good idea because he thew up in the bed too. So I changed the sheets and grabbed a towel for him to sleep on for protection. He didn’t have any trouble again until about two in the morning when his diaper exploded. I’m so glad I laid him on a towel because it saved my bed. From then on, we were up at least every 1/2 hour, if not 15 minutes changing his diaper. Sunday was about the same except he only puked when he had too much to drink at once. He kept asking me for a drink and i had to tell him that we needed to wait just a couple more minutes to let it settle on his tummy. He made me feel like I was torturing him. He slept most of the day away and I was glad for that. I gave him a bath to help make him feel better that evening and he seemed to perk up a little bit. Apparently he felt better last night and was full of energy from sleeping all day because he would NOT go to sleep after midnight. He wanted a drink and some crackers and a banana and watch Mickey. So today, I’m at work absolutely dog tired and ready for bed again. And poor Javier has to celebrate his birthday today taking care of a sick little boy. I feel so bad that his birthday is less than desirable. Hopefully this work day goes by quickly and I can make something nice for dinner since we obviously can’t go out to eat. I’m sure we will all be in bed by 8:30-9:00 tonight! Welcome to parenthood!

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