Bump day week 5!

Mike, mike! Guess what day it is?! Bump Dayyyy whoop whoop!!
Today I am 5 weeks pregnant! Baby is the size of a sesame seed. So far everything is going well. My beta was at 4996 on Monday so I called my doctor and asked what to do next. They told me I have to be at least 6 weeks to do an ultrasound and to have it done two days before my appointment so that they have time to get the results. I will be 6 weeks on Christmas Eve and they can’t get an ultrasound done that week. So I have to wait until Monday, December 29. At that point I will be 6w5d. Then my appointment was scheduled for December 31. I hate that I have to wait but it will be worth it. I can’t wait to see our little rainbow!
So far I feel ok. I have been having some nausea after meals but it has started lasting all day. It’s not bad, just like a pit in my stomach and I feel yucky. I’ve been having some small cramps that freak me out. I’m constantly running to the bathroom checking for blood. My only craving so far is pink lemonade. I probably should lay off for a few days though because I’m starting to get those acid sores on my tongue 😦 I am very short of breath. Walking to get the mail wears me out and stairs feel more like a killer workout. I am having bad food aversions. It’s not any food in particular, I just don’t want to eat and nothing sounds good. My hair is dry and frizzy all of a sudden which is odd for the weather this time of year.
I still feel pretty good though. I am thinking I will call the doctor and ask for some zofran for nausea. I’m just afraid that I will start getting sick over Christmas and be stuck without anything. I am not planning to tell our families until we have our ultrasound so I don’t want my sickness to give it away. Keep the prayers coming! We can still use them!

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