Oh my goodness you guys! I am PREGNANT!! I am so excited to share with you all what has happened these past few days!
So I’m going to take you all back to last Thursday, December 4th. The two nights prior, I had been waking up three times a night like clockwork. At 1:30, 3 something and again just before my alarm at 5. If you’ve been following me a while, you know that insomnia is a telltale sign for me. So after I got off from work that day, I decided to take a test. I was only 9DPO so I didn’t think it would show up. After pondering for a very long time, I finally convinced myself that I did in fact see a line. So I decided to have my blood tested the following day at work. It was 13!! I thought it was a nice number for how early it was yet. So I called the doctors office and they sent over paperwork to have my progesterone checked as well and have me do a 48 hour beta on Sunday. Sunday’s result was 67!!! So today my doctor called me and told me to continue taking the progesterone and do a beta HCG test every other day until it reaches 2000 and we can do an ultrasound. The getting blood drawn every other day kinda sucks because I only have one vein to draw from but it is going to be soooo worth it that I will resist complaining! I am trying to stay positive and push feelings of doubt and worry from my mind. It’s so hard because this is the hardest part for my body to get past. I haven’t even missed AF yet! So it scares me a little and I’m sure I will be anxiously awaiting my HCG results every time they are drawn. I’m on pins and needles right now just waiting it out. I hate wishing the time away but I wish I was 12 weeks already just so that I could relax a little! Please pray for our little rainbow and pray for my nerves!

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