Sorry I didn’t get around to this post earlier! I’ve been busy with the holiday weekend. I had a very enjoyable 4-day weekend.

I am currently 6DPO. I ovulated on Nov. 25th. So far nothing interesting has happened. I am planning on starting the progesterone possibly tomorrow. I am just waiting around for some twinges or something to tell me that it is possibly implantation. If not, I will start taking it when I get a BPF. I don’t think I have shared with you all my new hypotheses as to why these past cycles were BFNs. If I have, I’m sorry and you get to hear it all over again! I have noticed a trend in my cycles. When I ovulate on the left side, I don’t get a BFP. When I ovulate on the right, I get a BFP at 10-11 DPO which lasts until AF’s due date which ends in a chemical pregnancy. I think that my left ovary just doesn’t release an egg when the cyst bursts. Since starting progesterone and metformin treatments, I have only ovulated on the left side. Except this cycle, I did end up ovulating on the right side. So that gives me some hope that this will be a good month. Even if it ends in a CP, I will know that my theory is probably right. The only thing I can do about it would be to take clomid but I never know which side will ovulate until it happens and there is no point in taking it if my right side decides to take a turn. I’m going to wait this cycle out and make an appointment to see my doctor. I think that if I get a BFP, I want to see him earlier anyway just to get a beta done and keep an eye on everything. I want to ask if there is any way to be monitored weekly until the “danger zone” (aka up till week 12) is over. I do have a missed MC on my chart and I think that with my history, my doctor would comply. At least bi-weekly anyway. My new OBGYN is amazing and is willing to listen to my concerns and do things that I ask of him. My previous doctor was not that way. She thought that because she is the doc and I am the patient, I should do what she says. I know my body and my new doctor knows that nobody knows it better than me.

I will keep you up-to-date on what happens this week. I can start testing this Friday so look out for a post. I may not get it up until Monday because this weekend my baby boy turns TWO!!! My goodness how time flies!!

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